Lake City Elementary’s ‘Super Fun’ Trojan Basecamp Kicked off this Week

Lake City Elementary School’s new snow day program kicked off on Feb. 22-23 after two days off of school due to icy roads.

Trojan Basecamp offers families to drop off their K-5 students at school during snow days for fun and educational activities.

Img 7676“I just really like having to play with a lot more people on snow days,” said 4th grader Jordyn Utech. ” It’s super fun to play.”

Typical snow days are usually spent at home for students.

“We live by a lake so we usually skate and stuff and play with my neighbor,” said Utech.

“We usually just stay home and watch a lot of TV,” said 3rd grader Eby Johnson. “But usually, we love to play with our neighbors outside and sometimes we invite each other in our houses.”

Both Johnson and Utech are trying something new on their snow day with Trojan Basecamp.

“Right now, we’re paying kickball, and this morning, we were painting and we were coloring and making play dough,” said Utech.

Johnson said she really enjoyed the physical activities.

“I really liked when we were playing floor hockey on the scooters,” she said. “We were just kind of scootering around, and there’s some scooters that connect, so we lay on our bellies and like scoot around.”

Twelve students participated in Wednesday’s Trojan Basecamp, all ranging in grades from kindergarten through fourth grade.

“It’s easier to make more friends because you’re not just with the people in your class,” said Utech.

“I have been taught to love others and always put others first and try and do things that others love to do,” said Johnson. “That’s kind of why I like to meet new friends and hang with people.”

Both girls said their favorite part of the day was meeting new friends.

“It’s way more fun and easier to play with more people on snow days,” said Utech.

For more information on the program, you can call Lake City Elementary School at 231- 839-6600.