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Emmet County Continues Fight Against Housing Crisis with New Housing Director

Emmet County Housing Director

Emmet County has a new asset to help with the fight against the area’s housing crisis.

Andrea Jacobs began work as the Emmet County Housing Ready Program director in January. Jacobs is focused solely on combatting the housing crisis in the area.

With not many options available, businesses have had potential employees turn down job opportunities simply because they didn’t have anywhere to live.

Andrea Jacobs, Emmet County Housing Ready Program Director

The crisis doesn’t just affect businesses, but almost everyone in the community. Jacobs plans to hear from all of them so they can work on solutions together.

“I do have the ability to sit in and among those conversations and keep facilitating and keep mediating and keep that creative energy moving forward,” Jacobs stated. “It’s not necessarily for me to have all the ideas but to encourage the ideas to be fostered and removing the barriers to that success.”

Jacobs also plans to focus on the high land prices and the current cost of construction, both huge factors in the housing crisis.

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