Lake City Elementary School Starts Snow Day Program for Families

Kids look forward to snow days and a day off from school, but Lake City Elementary School is hosting a new program that has parents looking forward to snow days, too.

Lake City0It’s called ‘Trojan Basecamp’.

For $15 on snow days, parents can drop their students off at the elementary school, and students can participate in a play-and -learn schedule running until 3:30 in the afternoon.

“We’ve had a lot of inclement weather days lately, and we know that parents need to work,” said Elementary School Principal Tyler Hamilton. “With two working members of the family, and there’s no childcare, that puts a hardship on our community, not only for the parents, but for the businesses in our area.”

Currently enrolled Pre-K through 5th grade students in Lake City Area Schools can participate in the program.

“We provide breakfast, lunch, and a snack for them and it should just be a good time,” said Hamilton.

The schedule for the day can depend on student and teacher interests.

“We designed a play and learn schedule where students will be participating in different reading and math games, as well as arts and crafts and different STEM activities,” said Instructional Coach Meghan Utech. “We hope to really get their minds and bodies engaged in a different and unique way than they typically do during a regular school day.”

Hamilton said some of the teachers involved in the program already have unique and fun activities planned.

“There’s one staff member that’s really into snowshoeing, so he wants to take the students out snowshoeing,” he said. “We have another teacher that said she’s really interested in gardening and wants to know how she can incorporate some gardening skills.”

Lake City is hoping the program will take off and will provide a sense of community for the students involved in Trojan Basecamp.

“I want those students to make a connection here that they might not be able to make in the classroom going through that daily routine,” said Hamilton.

Trojan Basecamp officially begins on Feb. 22. For more information on the program, you can call Lake City Elementary School at (231) 839-6600.