Roscommon County United Way’s New Program Helps Homeowners Living Paycheck to Paycheck

29% of homeowners in Roscommon County live at or slightly above the poverty level.

Alice0A new program from Roscommon County United Way, called Helping ALICE, is aimed at helping these types of homeowners if they’ve fallen behind on their bills.

ALICE stands for “asset limited, income constrained, employed.”, or those who are employed, but live paycheck to paycheck.

“There’s very few resources for people, homeowners, renters, anybody in the area,” said Roscommon County United Way Executive Coordinator Cherrie Benchley. “We wanted to target that population, and especially the homeowners.”

United Way received the money for this program from the county’s American Rescue Act funds.

Those that fall in that “ALICE” category can get help with utilities or help with mortgage or foreclosures.

“We’ve received $130,000 for utility assistance and $120,000 for foreclosure assistance,” said Roscommon County United Way Grants Coordinator Tom Pettit.

This program is only for homeowners, and the United Way hopes to continue the program long after their initial funds are gone.

“This is an opportunity to create these programs and then seek funding from other sources: foundations, grants, donations, to keep it going, and to have this program from now on in Roscommon County,” said Benchley.

Because it not only helps those in need, it also helps the community.

“If the family strives, if their children strive, then they’re able to stay in the community, and that makes the community thrive,” said Pettit.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for this program, you can click this link for the application.