Internet Access Coming to Thousands of People in Northern Michigan

Thousands of people in northern Michigan will soon have access to the internet.

Right now in Leelanau County, 5,000 households can’t get the internet.

Through the American Rescue Plan Act, the county received $4.2 million.

Leelanau County Commissioners voted to use $3.2 million to bring broadband to 3,100 households.

“It’s some progress, and it is a relief that we can cover that many. I have some people in my district who can’t even attend a zoom meeting because they don’t have the bandwidth to do it,” said Gwenne Allgaier, Leelanau County Commissioner.

Leelanau County Commissioners are working on other options to get the remaining 1,900 households on broadband.

They’re also still discussing how to spend the remaining $1 million.