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Peace Ranch Expanding Services

Peace Ranch

A horse farm in Northern Michigan that specializes in equine assisted counseling and education is looking to expand its services to include more programming for veterans.

Peace Ranch near Traverse City recently hired a program director with 25 years of experience in the U.S. Army.

Chad Brown is a retired Command Sergeant Major, the highest rank an enlisted person can reach. He’s been charged with helping Peace Ranch come up with programming to help veterans who may be struggling with issues related to their time in service.

It’s something Brown is uniquely qualified for after spending four years as a combat infantryman in Iraq. As someone with his own trauma, he wants others to know more about what Peace Ranch does.

“Just be that spokesman to show other veterans that this is a place that’s trustworthy and that this is a place that actually works for a lot of people. So, give it a try and come here and see for yourself,” said Brown.

Peace Ranch’s services aren’t limited to veterans, but anyone who may have experienced trauma. They can make connections with the horses and often make breakthroughs that can’t be achieved in traditional therapy.

Just like many non-profits, Peace Ranch runs on the generosity of donors and volunteers. Community members are invited to sponsor horses. The money raised pays for the complete care of the animals including hay, grain, farrier care, veterinary care, the space they live in and the staff needed to care for them.

Sponsors also underwrite every hour of therapy and education at the ranch.

They have anywhere from 12 to 18 horses at any given time. “We have three horses that still need sponsorship. People can sponsor at different levels. A blue ribbon level is $1,000 a year, champion is $2,000 and full sponsorship is $4,000 a year,” said Peach Ranch Executive Director Jack Kaschel.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or would like to volunteer at Peace Ranch, .