Inside The Kitchen at Fred’s of Roscommon

“It’s kind of like the center of everything, it’s Fred’s, it’s Fred’s, everyone knows Fred’s,” said Farrell Thomas, who’s been coming to the Roscommon restaurant for decades.

He’ll be the first to tell you it’s a tough choice when narrowing down what to order.

“I’ve gotten everything on the menu and there’s nothing I don’t like,” he said.

So kitchen manager Candi Weller will start with the pecan encrusted maple glazed salmon.

“It becomes this sticky wonderful maple-y kind of glaze,” she described. Fred

“Like whoa, they don’t expect to get as much flavor out of it as what’s in it,” she said.

Neal is a co-owner at Fred’s. He created “Neal’s Favorite” on the pizza menu.

“Wanted something different, I love asparagus and of course everyone loves lobster, but it’s the sauce that’s put onto it, the spinach, the chopped artichokes, alfredo sauce and cream cheese,” he described.

Fred’s is no stranger to Roscommon. The restaurant was established in 1956. It looked a lot different back then.

“Four bar stools and eight tables, that was the size of it, then Fred junior, when he got it from dad, added on the bowling center,” said Neal.

While the building grew in size it also grew in the hearts of everyone stopping by.

“Roscomians, St. Helenites, Houghton Lakers, Mio, Luzerne, Grayling,” said Candi.

People describe it as a social center.

“All you can hear is bowling pins, people talking, people laughing, people having a great time, the noise in here travels into the dining room,” Neal said.

You can find Fred’s of Roscommon at 422 N. 5th Street, and call them at 989-275-6565.

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