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City of Cheboygan Issues Mandatory Water Run

The City of Cheboygan is issuing a city-wide let water run until further notice. Even though weather may become milder, they say it is “imperative that water customers continue to run their water as mandated by the City.”

  • Please proceed to run your water at least the size of a pencil, up to the width of a cigar.
  • Continue to run your water (24 hours a day / 7 Days per week) until you are notified in the spring to discontinue.
  • Failure to run water constantly could result in water service freezing, even if shut off temporarily.
  • Once frozen, water service may not be restored till spring, in some cases. Thawing frozen water lines is only an option for some customers. Hose connections from house to house, may not be possible.

The City Billing Department will adjust your water bill while this mandate goes on.

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