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Traverse City Nursing Home Receives Valentine’s Day Surprise

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Grand Traverse Pavilions is showing a little extra love to their residents this Valentine’s Day.

“There’s nothing better than seeing smiles on faces and it doesn’t matter if you’re two, 22 or 82,” said Chief Development and Community Engagement Officer Deborah Allen.

The nursing home partnered up with The Balloon Boutique in Traverse City—to wish residents a happy Valentine’s Day.

“Some asked who made the balloon buddies and I told them Cupid did, and they just got the biggest kick out of that—some of the residents just loved right up on them and they were hugging them,” said Recreational Therapist Kari Belanger.

Sixty seniors were surprised with a knock on their door—and a balloon buddy.

“Sarah from The Balloon Boutique came up with the idea, she put it out on Facebook and the community just rallied around the idea and helped to fund the project,” said Allen.

And they are always looking to collect more donations for residents.

You can just give Grand Traverse Pavilions a call and ask what they need.

“With spring coming, even the simple, you know, just a drop-off of flowers, you know, carnations we can pass out to residents— just to say people are thinking of you,” said Belanger.

Today is about reminding others you care about them—and that can come in many different forms—even balloons.

“Valentine’s Day means love and there’s no greater outpouring of love from the community,” said Allen. “And what a beautiful way to share that our seniors are being remembered and thought of throughout the year, but especially on today.”

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