Valentines Craft Show Gives Back To The Cadillac Community

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, one group out of Cadillac held their very first craft show at Green Acres living facility on Saturday.

Friends Heather Baxter and Laura Sundstrom first bonded over their favorite thing—crafting.

“It’s just fun, you almost become family after a while of doing craft shows together—and you kind of miss each other after not doing them,” said Baxter.

After missing the Farmer’s Market in the winter months, they decided to start their own alternative—Crafters for a Cause.

“Christmas Day we were sitting together and we’re like, ‘hey, how about we do this?'” said Baxter. “Let’s get together and do craft shows and make it for a bigger cause, for the community.”

What’s the cause?

100% of the vendor booth fees are donated to a non-profit organization.

Their first recipient is Oasis—a domestic violence resource center.

“The people that they help are at ground bottom and they need every bit of support that they can get,” said Baxter.

Their idea was spread on Facebook—and now they have multiple non-profits lined up for their next craft shows already.

“Within two weeks we went online and it just blew up, I’m just—I’m amazed at peoples’ reactions to it,” said Sundstrom. “I had a lot of people thank us, because this is a lot of livelihood for a lot of people.”

Residential Advocate for Oasis Norma Christensen says she was very happy to witness local crafters giving back.

“It warms my heart, you know, because there’s a lot of people that are struggling and still take their time and make stuff and want to donate back to our organization,” said Christensen.

All of the seniors at Green Acres also received complimentary Valentines gifts from the vendors at the end of the day as well.

“We appreciate all the love that we’re getting from everybody here today,” said Christensen.5b3ca288 1b3a 4f8c Bf25 817ec6fb3024

Crafters for a Cause will continue every Saturday of June through October, benefiting a different non-profit group each weekend.

For more information on their schedule and summer location, you can visit their Facebook page.