Valentine’s Day Etiquette Tips with Expert Sharon Schweitzer

Valentine’s Day is almost here. And if you’re planning to celebrate with your Valentine– you want to make a good impression!
Etiquette expert Sharon Schweitzer joined ‘the four’ LIVE with some of her best tips to make sure your date goes smoothly.

Sharon’s tips include:

  1. Confirm the first date on the dating app platform. Experts advise that when communicating on a dating app platform, avoid changing to direct text on your telephone. This is because there is a 60% chance the date won’t materialize: although it isn’t mannerly, the reality is that plans aren’t finalized, texts are forgotten, things turn platonic. So, schedule the first date directly on the dating app platform. Once confirmed, if you feel safe and comfortable, then consider exchanging numbers. You can still update logistics on the dating platform.
  2. Schedule, coffee, tea, a walk, or a drink without dinner. Be cautious about scheduling a dinner for the first date. If you realize during drinks, you just aren’t compatible and dinner will be unpleasant for both parties, an awkward situation has developed. Ghosting is not an option. So, avoid this scenario by scheduling coffee, hot tea, or a sip at a wine bar. If you like, you can segue to dinner and continue the conversation. While it’s easy to add a snack or a bite, it’s more difficult to extricate yourself from dinner.
  3. Set healthy boundaries. If your date is crossing boundaries and treating you in an unhealthy way or a manner you dislike, politely let them know immediately “excuse me, that’s not okay. I am in the middle of a story, and I want you to stop interrupting me please. Can you do that?” Ask for their buy-in to your request.”
  4. Communicating your preferences is mature. Share your needs and preferences early. Many times, people are concerned they will appear “needy” or “high-maintenance.” No, you are setting expectations. If your work requires you to be on virtual calls most of the day and you cannot text or call, communicate this. Want your date to be on-time or use executive table manners, let them know. If they cannot accommodate this, decide early.
  5. Ask for Clarification. If your date makes a comment that you don’t understand, smile, and politely ask them for an explanation. Sometimes I use humor to do this, “Educate me, can you explain, I really don’t understand?” Ninety five percent of the time this works if it is a comment relating to a business or technical subject. If it was a rude comment, many times an apology or retraction occurs. It’s appropriate and healthy to ask about the comment so it doesn’t go unchallenged.

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