Taste the Local Difference: February Four Food Finds

Taste the Local Difference CEO Tricia Phelps is BACK on ‘the four’ with February’s Four Food Finds. She’s sharing what is in-season, some must try local bone broth and even some Valentine’s Day ideas. Carrots Tld

Tricia’s February Four Food Finds:

  1. What’s in Season? Root Vegetables. While most things aren’t being harvested directly from the field in these temperatures, farmers have made a lot of investments over the years to store their root crops well and for longer periods of time. It allows us to have access to local carrots, beets, daikon radishes, celeriac, and more. We highlighted some recipes on our blog for these delicious vegetables so you can feel creative in the kitchen. 
  2. Must Try: Bone Broth from Danu Hof Farm It’s made right on the farm and is packed full with nutrients that help strengthen your own bones. You’ll notice improvements in skin, hair, nails and overall health. It’s the perfect local and healthy addition to any soup or stew that requires broth. Find it at their farm store in Mancelona, Sunday-Thursday, 8 AM to 5 PM. Or visit them at the farmers market at the Commons in Traverse City, Bellaire, or Boyne City.
  3. Celebrate Local for Valentines Day  Whether or not you love the holiday, it’s a great excuse to support a local business. Get take out from a local restaurant for you and your partner, or take yourself out for dinner someplace you’ve never been. There is local chocolate, local wine, local veggies to make a healthy meal all begging to be a part of making another old run of the mill Monday into something special. I’d love to hear what you guys do, or where you go, so let us know
  4. Have you Heard? Our friends at Saltless Sea are fundraising for a new home. Joy and Dave Omar, owners of Saltless Sea Creamery have kicked off a fundraising campaign for a permanent home. They’ve been a part of the local food scene here for several years now and have outgrown the rental space they’ve been grateful to have. Year after year they are met with more demand for their cheeses so it’s time to take the leap! We’ll share a link to their indiegogo campaign where you can learn more.

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