Dairy Doo Celebrates 25 Years Of Business

After two recessions, a pandemic, a lot of hard work, and a vision, Morgan Composting, home of Dairy Doo, is looking back on 25 years.

“We opened in 1996 as a solution to help get rid of the manure that we had as a problem as a dairy farm, said Brad Morgan, owner of Dairy Doo. “We milk cows here for about 20 years. So, this was just an awesome opportunity for us to create the next stage in our life.”

Dairy Doo has resolved fumigation for more that 200,000 acres, while also creating a more sustainable fertilizer for around 4,000 farms in Michigan. 

“These are huge, huge accomplishments for such a little, bitty company,” said Morgan. “Today, with fertilizer values where they’re at, I’ve never seen a more important time to focus on how are we going to recycle, how are we going to utilize that resource, how are we going to put it back into some sense of useable rather than put it in the landfill.”

When looking back on the two decades, Morgan says one word comes to mind.

“Humbling,” he said. “I think this company has thrived in spite of me, as much as because of me. I really do believe that there’s some really neat people around here.”

Morgan also shared the secret to running a successful business.

“Hahaha, I think you just got to never know when you’re whipped. Alright? I think at some point in time, you just gotta kinda refuse to lose because there’s going to be obstacles, there’s going to be road blocks, there’s going to be hiccups, but the reality of it, at some point in time, you kinda gotta get through them and you gotta be able to see beyond that,” he said. 

Trisha Dodd, marketing coordinator for Dairy Doo, has worked for Morgan for the past three years, after going to school with his sons.

Having grown up with Brad’s kids and just getting to see what he’s done over the years, has been really, really neat,” she said. “It’s important for him to treat his staff as family. It’s been wonderful working here and I really appreciate my co-workers, the Do crew is pretty awesome.” 

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