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East Bay Township Man Arraigned on Felony Charges Following Animal Neglect Case

Feagals, Raymond

Raymond Feagles was arrested last week—after a blight complaint turned into an animal abuse investigation.

Police found 164 dogs neglected and malnourished on the property—34 were found dead.

On Tuesday, Feagles was in court facing several charges.

Feagles is facing a felony complaint of animal abandonment and cruelty towards more than 25 animals—all stemming from an ordinance violation.

However, Tuesday wasn’t his first time in a court room.

Feagles has a history of more than 40 cases over the course of 30 years, ranging homicidal threats to ongoing public harassment.

“The ordinance violation–he’s failed to appear at least a couple of times, and obviously was uncooperative with the order of this court, he’s threatened the safety of officers and others,” said 86th District Court Judge Bob Cooney.

Prosecuting Attorney Rachael Henry recounted a long list of complaints against Feagles, many involving the dogs.

“In 2014, he surrendered about 40 dogs to Cherryland Humane Society and as a result of that, he hung around outside the humane society and harassed anyone who walked out with one of his dogs,” said Henry.

Feagles was also investigated by the FBI for the purchase of silencers.

Zoning Administrator Preston Taylor says they found several firearms on his property.

“Your honor, there have been weapons found in multiple vehicles and I understand today there were some weapons that were located within the house,” said Taylor.

Feagles’ bond was set Tuesday, and he is expected back in court later this month.