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Health Experts Recommend Warming Up At Home Covid Tests Delivered to Your Home

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Two weeks ago, President Joe Biden’s administration offered up to four free at home Covid-19 tests to households across the U.S. to help curb the testing shortage.

Now, as Covid-19 at home tests from the federal government are being sent out to homes, health experts are offering some tips to those who are receiving them in the mail—especially for those who have questions about the validity of tests that have been out in a mailbox in freezing temperatures.

“We want to minimize exposing test kits to the cold, given the storage recommendations,” said Munson Healthcare Ambulatory Services Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Bonnie Kruszka. “Some of the most popular ones like BinaxNOW or QuickVue generally have a range of about 35-86 degrees, so if you do receive them on a cold day, it’s important that you let them come to room temperature before use.”

District Health Department #10’s Health Director Dr. Jennifer Morse says the FDA has given some guidance for tests sent to colder climates.

“If they were in freezing temperatures, bring them inside to room temperature, don’t open them, let them come to room temperature for at least two hours before you use them,” said Dr. Morse.

Once you do let the tests warm up, Dr. Morse said to keep an eye out for any effects from the cold.

“Every test has a control, so it has a line on there that should develop no matter what,” she said. “If that doesn’t show up like it should, then it’s an indicator that the test didn’t work, so that helps you to know if the cold did affect your test.”

It’s also important for the user to follow the directions on the test exactly.

“With these particular tests, they’re much more sensitive when people have symptoms,” said Kruszka. “You can take a test during that first week of symptom onset, and you’re more likely to get the best result then.”

Dr. Morse said following the directions is the most critical part to testing at home.

“Make sure you read the instructions before you get started just so you make sure you understand them,” she said. “They’re only valid if they’re used as directed.”

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