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Run Water Notice Issued for City of Grayling

Promo Image: Run Water Notice Issued for City of Grayling

The City of Grayling has issued a run water notice for residents effective Friday.

According to the city, residents and businesses need to leave their water running to prevent frozen water lines, and ask that they leave a stream the size of a pencil lead.

Additionally, they say that water bills will be adjusted accordingly, and water customers should remember to run their water continuously because, “…even though the outside temperature may rise above freezing, as the frost will remain in the ground until spring and could cause water services to freeze if the flow of water is turned off inside.”

The city says a follow up notification will be posted when residents and businesses can stop running their water.

The full notices from the City of Grayling can be found below:

Photo Courtesy of City of Grayling