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Roscommon Sheriff Department K-9 Saves Missing Pennsylvania Man After Getting Lost In Woods

A four-legged hero named “Ghost” saved the day, after a Pennsylvania man, who was visiting Roscommon County over the weekend, went missing.

“The things that the dog can do would take five officers hours-upon-hours to do,” said Dakota Darsow, a K-9 Handler for the Roscommon Sheriffs Department. “So, the fact that we were able to use Ghost and his abilities, his strengths, with his strong nose… to be able to smell out exactly where that gentleman had walked.”

Ghost is apart of the K-9 Unit at the Roscommon Sheriffs Department. He helped assist on the call Sunday night.

The Gerrish Township Police Department first responded to the call after someone reported a suspicious man roaming their property.

“We had a resident call and indicated that they had a fellow walk up their driveway,” said John Wybraniec, an Officer for the Gerrish Township Police Department.

What started out as a suspicious-person call, quickly turned into a missing-person reporter, which is when police decided to call in for more help.

“Eric, my partner actually, followed the track out to the road and we stopped there,” said Officer Wybraniec. “We both, at that point said, we think it’s better that we get a K-9 unit.”

A 58-year-old man visiting from Pennsylvania was on a walk when he got turned around and lost in the woods.

“We didn’t find him to be necessarily mentally impaired, or even so cognitively impaired so much. It’s just a person who I guess… he likes to walk,” said Wybraniec. “He engaged in some odd behavior and he ended up getting himself in a little bit of trouble.”

It’s not uncommon for the Roscommon Sheriffs Department and Gerrish Township Police to work as a team.

“We’re blessed to be in Roscommon County with our law enforcemen because our law enforcement officers, we all work very closely,” said Wybraniec.