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More Than 100 Dogs Found On East Bay Twp. Property Following Blight Complaint

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Photo Courtesy of Meredith St. Henry

More than 100 dogs, with at least one dead, were found on an East Bay Township property in Grand Traverse County after Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a blight complaint Friday.

According to East Bay Township officials, the 86th District Court issued a court order holding a property owner in civil contempt, assessing fines, and directed the property owner to clean up all blight in violation of the East Bay Township Junk Ordinance.

The court order further states, “”all junk….is not removed from the property to the satisfaction of the Grand Traverse County Sheriff and/or the Sheriff’s Deputy
Enforcement Officer(s) assigned to East Bay Charter Township for Ordinance No. 2005-4, then East Bay Township shall have the right to enter upon Defendant’s property by and through its employees, agents, contractors and/or servants to clean up the property so it complies with Ordinance No. 2005-4…”

The property owner had to have the property on Supply Road cleaned by Friday.

When the property owner did not comply to the court order within the established time frame, East Bay Township, their contractor and Community Police Officer, with support from the Grand Traverse County Health Department’s Animal Control and the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office, entered the property and took measures to clean it up.

While removing unlicensed and unregistered cars which contributed to the blight, about 20 dogs that were malnourished and without and water were found, and one dog was found dead.

Additionally, when deputies entered the home with consent from the owner, another 100 dogs were found.

Veterinarians were called in to assess the situation.

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