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Inside the Blood Donation Process at Versiti Blood Center with a First-Time Donor

For the first time in history, the American Red Cross declared a national blood crisis.

Like so many areas of life, the pandemic is impacting blood donation levels across the nation and here in Northern Michigan.

handle blood donations for much of Northern Michigan.

They are down to about a one day supply– when they usually need five to six days.

Their area vice president says with COVID-19 cases continuing to rise—they don’t expect to see relief in sight.

This is the worst that I’ve seen in a decade, the need is dire,” said Dawn Kaiser, Versiti Blood Centers area vice president. “I’ve talked to doctors at local hospitals and they’re really concerned. They’re worried about their patients. The blood supply is not a Versiti problem, it’s a community problem. We need the community to come out and donate blood.”

To solve a community problem, Dawn says it takes a community solution and that includes *each and every one of us.

To encourage others, Xavier documented the process as he donated blood for the very first time. Watch the video above to see why he said the process was easy and painless.

To find a blood drive near you,