Governor Whitmer Shares Proposal on Electric Vehicle Rebate

Another proposal shared by Governor Whitmer during Wednesday’s State of the State Address was an electric vehicle rebate.

Officials say the $2,000 rebate for a new electric vehicle and a $500 rebate for at-home charging equipment can be paired with a $7,500 federal tax credit, which brings down the price of an electric car by about $10,000.

This includes electric cars being built in Michigan.

“Michigan put the world on wheels, and we will electrify it too. This new rebate will put Michiganders first and help families purchase an electric vehicle by lowering costs,” said Governor Whitmer. “With this rebate and federal, Michiganders can knock off nearly $10,000 off the purchase price of an electric or plug-in hybrid car.”

Governor Whitmer continued, “Electric vehicles cost half as much to maintain and power up as gas-powered cars need to fill up. Switching to electric will save families up to $10,000 over the lifetime of the vehicle, support tens of thousands of good-paying auto jobs in Michigan, and help us safeguard clean air and water for future generations.”

“Ford is leading the electric vehicle revolution, dramatically ramping up production of our iconic all-electric vehicles, including the F-150 Lightning pickup truck that’s assembled right here in Michigan,” said Steven Croley, Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel, Ford Motor Company. “Governor Whitmer’s electric vehicle rebate plan will help more Michiganders get behind the wheel of EVs, combat climate change, and ensure our home state continues to drive the world into the zero-emissions transportation future.”

“Governor Whitmer’s proposal for electric vehicle rebates for Michigan residents is a step forward in making EVs accessible for all,” said Tony Tomczak, Vice President of electric sales and marketing at DTE. “We have been working extensively to prepare our electric grid for more EVs and are investing $1 billion annually to make the necessary upgrades to support growing EV demand while keeping energy affordable for everyone.”

Officials say owning an electric vehicle will save drivers between $6,000 and $10,000 over the life of a vehicle, compared to a gas-powered car.

They say electric cars need half as many repairs, cost half as much to maintain, and require half as much to charge as gas-powered cars need to fill up.

Furthermore, officials say the transition to electric cars will help families save thousands of dollars, will create thousands more good-paying jobs and will protect clean air and water.

To read Governor Whitmer’s plan to lower costs of electric vehicles, click here.