Evart Man Charged After Breaking Window of Clare Co. Home with Axe, Fleeing from Deputies

SaylesAn Evart man has been charged after breaking a window of a Clare County home with an axe and fleeing from deputies.

On Sunday around 1:30 p.m., Clare County deputies were dispatched to the 2000 block of West Jefferson in Lincoln Township.

They say a woman called to advise deputies that a man was at the home and had broken a window using an axe.

Deputies say the woman was able to give a description of the man, along with the car that he was driving. She also told deputies that the man had left, and was believed to be heading towards the Silver Lake subdivision area in Lincoln Township.

Deputies found the car at a home in the Silver Lake subdivision, and found a man standing next to the car.

They state they activated their lights and sirens in order to stop the man and speak with him, but the man got into his car and fled from deputies.

While fleeing from deputies, the man began throwing objects out of the car towards the patrol vehicle.

Deputies say the pursuit went on for about 10 miles until the man got out of the car and fled on foot. He was then apprehended by deputies and placed into custody.

On Wednesday, Brandon Sayles, 26, of Evart was arraigned in the 80th District Court on the charges of weapons – possession by a felon, felonious assault, fleeing from police officers, resisting and obstructing a police officer, no security, malicious destruction of property, unregistered vehicle and throwing objects.

Sayles remains lodged in the Clare County Jail.