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DEA Stresses Opioid Safety with ‘One Pill Can Kill’ Campaign

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The country right now is in the midst of an opioid epidemic and if that wasn’t bad enough, drug traffickers are taking advantage of the situation and flooding the market with dangerous counterfeit pills.

These traffickers create fake pills using fentanyl and methamphetamine in order to reduce their cost but creating a deadly product for the user.

The Drug Enforcement Administration had a record setting year in counterfeit pill seizures in 2021 and say the problem has been made worse by social media.

“These pills aren’t being sold now just on the street but they’re being marketed on social media. We are seeing, on every platform, even in the short for video platforms, emojis being used to market the desire to purchase or desire to sell some drugs,” said Brian McNeal, public information officer for the Detroit DEA, “A lot of time these are counterfeit.”

The absolute safest way to protect yourself from counterfeit pills is to only take pills prescribed to you by a doctor and given to you by a pharmacist.