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Inside The Kitchen at Trails End Pub in Harrison

Trails End Pub

It doesn’t really matter where you’re coming from off the trail, all that matters is where you’re going.

Where the trail ends, your journey begins at Trails End Pub in Harrison.

“There’s hooks all across the ceiling where people hang their helmets,” said owner, Dan Wilhelm. “Come in and get a good meal, get warmed up, have a little fun.”

Starting with the cowabunga fries, Dan says most of their traffic isn’t by car.

“They’re on machines, it’s mostly snow mobiles side by sides,” he said.

Once these are loaded up, the Daytona sauce is layered on.

For customers like Maye Rood, that’s the best part.

“Mmm you have to have Daytona sauce, it’s special,” she said.

Dan says the Daytona sauce ingredients are a secret.

Not a secret though, the buzz burger.

“People seen it going out to the tables, ‘I want one of those, I want one of those,’ so we started selling them, it’s the number one seller here now,” Dan said.

It all started with a customer nicknamed Buzz.

“He came in hungry, he had the munchies all the time, he goes ‘I want a hamburger, I want swiss cheese on it, I want mushrooms on it, and I want it loaded with gravy, stacked on top of mashed potatoes,” Dan said.

The perfect way to fuel up, before it’s time to get back at it.

“Get warmed up when you’re out here, get back on the trail,” he said.

“This is a destination, it’s not in town so when people come here they want to be here they search it out,” said Maye.

You can find Trails End Pub at 10141 N Finley Lake Avenue in Harrison, or call them at 989-539-9644.

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