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Channel 32 offers new local stations to Northern Michigan: Newsy, Court Mystery, and Defy TV.

9&10 News welcomes these new additions (for antenna users/over the air viewers) to an already long list of local channels. See below for a complete list of channels available from 9&10 News in the Cadillac/Traverse City viewing areas. No purchase is necessary to receive these channels: they are free to all viewers.

Newsy, Court Mystery, and Defy TV, are airing live now! All antenna users have to do to receive new channels is run a rescan on each television in their home. For step by step details on how to rescan, you can click this link: .

Not only are these channels new to 9&10 News but all three were created within the past 3 years, offering new opportunities to streaming and broadcast viewers. Newsy offers coverage of top national and international news stories, bringing viewers news and fact-based reporting. Court Mystery focuses on investigative crime dramas, Court TV originals, and CSI. Defy TV focuses on reality based cable TV shows: like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Alone, Billy the Exterminator, and Swamp People. These welcome additions to our lineup are the next step in creating diverse entertainment and news content for our viewers.

See the complete list of 9&10 News channels for antenna users here:

9.1: 9&10 News/CBS (WWTV)

9.2: Local 32/FOX (WFQX)

9.3: MeTV Northern Michigan (EWTV)

9.4: Laff TV

9.5: QVC

9.6: HSN/Home Shopping Network

32.1: Local 32/FOX (WFQX)

32.2: The Northern Michigan CW32 (EFQX)

32.3: Ion Television (WFQX-IO)

32.4: Newsy

32.5: Court Mystery

32.6: Defy

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