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39 Years Later, Friends and Family Continue to Search for Janette Roberson’s Killer

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For nearly four decades, friends and family of Janette Roberson have been seeking answers to her death.

On January 19, 1983, Roberson was murdered in the basement of the department store she worked at in Reed City.

For many years, her family has held the Justice for Janette Walk, to bring forth new leads.

This year, that walk was held today.

“I’m hoping that if the person that did this is still alive, or if somebody knows, or has information, that they will finally come forward and tell us what they know,” said Lana Jarvie, Janette’s sister.

Family and friends gather and walk down to the department store where she was killed, now Reed City Hardware, and speak in her memory.

“It’s not just for Janette, but for all the unsolved murders here in Osceola County,” said family friend Jeff Cole.

The walk is meant to help bring awareness to her unsolved case.

“Janette was 27 years old, she was young, and young people need to know that things like this can happen,” said Jarvie.

Lana’s daughter, Elena Cavender, says that with every walk, the police have slowly received more tips.

“I see posts on Facebook of people commenting, like, ‘wow I can’t believe it’s not solved yet,’ and it’s really great to have her name out there and people talking about her, because every little bit helps,” Cavender said.

Cavender never got to meet her aunt Janette, but is just as passionate about finding answers.

“I feel like it’s been long enough, there’s somebody out there that has to know something, they have to, and I think it—it just hurts that they won’t come forward and won’t say anything,” Cavender said. “I just wish they would.”

If you have any information on who killed Janette, you’re asked to call Michigan State Police or the Reed City Police Department.

9 and 10’s David Lyden also spoke to Janette’s family and friends for his Unsolved series, Unsolved: The Murder of Janette Roberson, you can watch his full story .

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