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Non-Profit Thrift Store “Revolve” To Open Next Weekend

A new thrift store is having its grand opening next weekend.

The store, named Revolve, is operated by a non-profit called Hope Shores Alliance.

The mission of Hope Shores Alliance, once known as Shelter Inc., in Oscoda is simple.

“We serve survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, stalking and dating violence,” said Natalie Francis, Community Resource Coordinator.

“The survivors sometimes don’t have anyone to turn to for help,” said Sharon Williams, a volunteer. “They might need clothing, they might need food, they might need a counselor and someone to talk to. And this provides that in several counties. There’s nothing else like it.”

And the new store, Revolve, helps them do that.

“All of the proceeds go to supporting survivor services,” said Francis. “So if a grant didn’t cover something they needed, then they could access funds from the store to help with whatever they needed.”

The store itself is a source of direct aid for those in need.

“Survivors are able to come into Revolve and shop for themselves and their families,” stated Francis. “Everything in the store is available for survivors, as far as clothing, household goods, furniture, everything is free for them and their families.”

And they’re always looking for people to get involved.

“Currently, we have about six volunteers and are looking to recruit more right now,” said Francis.

“I’m from Oscoda too, so I see a lot of people I know and I’m a people person, and I love watching them bring the donations, and I feel so good about them communicating or donating to a good cause like this,” said Williams.

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