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McLaren Hospice of Cheboygan Looking for More Volunteers

The McLaren Home Care and Hospice of Cheboygan is looking for more volunteers to help out with their patients.

Due to some interruptions caused by the pandemic, they’re hoping to revitalize the care center.

Not only will volunteers be helping patients feel more comfortable, it also provides a feeling of doing some good.

There a few ways volunteers can help out such as doing some basic house cleaning or just being with a patient and making them feel cared for.

Having someone to look after their loved ones also gives the family members a peace of mind.

“It really allows them just some companionship and some comfort knowing they somebody there that they can talk about life or their struggles, feelings that they’re having so it can be a really huge support for our patients and the family as well,” said Logann Poley, volunteer services coordinator.

Those interested in helping out are encouraged to contact the Logann Poley at the McLaren Home Care and Hospice of Cheboygan.