Actor Rob Gough on Starring Alongside Bruce Willis, Record-Breaking $5.2 Million Baseball Card & Chasing His Passions

Actor Rob Gough is hitting the big screen alongside Bruce Willis in the new film “American Siege.”

It’s far from his first role. Rob started acting at just 11 years old.

“I’m from Indiana, so it’s not like you’re doing big movies there,” Rob said. “It was a fun thing as a kid that you’d go audition for and that’s what I was doing.”

In college, Rob was diagnosed with bone cancer after going misdiagnosed for an entire year.

“You’re young, you’re invincible and then you realize this can all be over quick,” Rob said. “But that’s where you have to be mentally strong and know all things are possible and you can get through everything.”

“I always thought anything was possible and I could do anything. I was always a go getter and a hustler and outwork anybody,” Rob said. “But I think with cancer it changed my mind, I was always appreciative as a kid but maybe I didn’t appreciate the smell of the air or the color of the sky as much as I do now.”’m just blown away.

One of his latest passion projects was purchasing a 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card for a whopping $5.2 million.

“It’s the Mona Lisa of sports cards,” Rob said “So I also collect art that thing is art, it’s card.”

Snagging not just the holy grail of sports cards but also a Guinness World Record for the purchase.

But for Rob it’s not about the stuff.

“For me it kind of proved I wasn’t dreaming big enough as a kid and that was probably be my biggest mistake,” Rob said. “That’s my advice to anybody always think bigger.”

Making movies with icons is just one of the ways rob spends his time and works to check off that bucket list of his.

“If I’m going to do a film I want to do it with an icon, a legend who’s been in the industry a long time,” Rob said.

In ‘American Siege’ he plays an outlaw, fresh out of prison, and on a very specific mission.

“So I get out of jail, my girl before I went to jail, is missing,” Rob said. “So all I’m thinking about for 10 years is what the heck happened to my girl.”

His character Roy takes a wealthy doctor hostage.

“And that’s where Bruce comes in,” Rob said. “He’s the local sheriff, you know, washed up sheriff, drunk. He’s not like the cleanest sheriff. And he’s trying to get me out and get us out.”

“The guy (Bruce Willis) is an icon you know. I’ve worked with some amazing legends over the years and Bruce is one of those. To learn from him and to watch him work in person; and to get to know the guy. I mean c’mon, that’s a total bucket list moment,” Rob said.

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