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Hook and Hunting: Michigan DNR Releases Report on Fall Fish Stocking

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The Michigan DNR has released a report on how their fall fish stocking efforts went in 2021.

Through fish hatcheries they were able to place over 670,000 fish into lakes and streams across one 123 locations in the state.

Near Petoskey at the Oden State Fish Hatchery, they alone stocked the area with thousands of brown and rainbow trout.

Throughout the year they raise, collect eggs, and eventually release when the fish are ready.

“We’re gonna raise the fish here at the hatchery, stock them into the lakes and streams, for anglers to catch,” said Pat VanDale, natural resource manager for the Oden State Fish Hatchery. “Sometimes there’s not a lot of natural reproduction that happens in the wild that happens for the species so we just kind of boost that up for the people.”

It’s typical for hatcheries to have to wait one month to a year and a half until the fish are ready to be released.

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