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FSU Heads To Aspen For Unique Opportunity

Nearly a dozen students from Ferris State University are on their way to Aspen, Colorado for a once-in-lifetime opportunity. They’ll be working alongside professionals and staff all weekend long with the “X Games.”

“It’s really a great glimpse into what the industry life is like if a student is interested in studying and going into a career,” said Amy Dorey, Hospitality Management Program Director at FSU.

Students will be working with guest services, public relations and social media teams on digital content.

The collaboration started six years ago. Dorey and assistant professor, Karyn Kiio, are guest service managers. They’ve helped expand the program, and now schools all across the U.S. are involved.

“At our height, almost 70 students, from 11 institutions, across 6 states participating,” said Dorey.

Former student, Natalie Mulder participated in 2020.  She worked in the “XIP” tower, also known as “VIP.”

“It is a great experience, but it’s also a huge resume builder,” she said. “After X games, that I went in January of 2020, I’ve had two internships, and when I have had interviews to try and get those internships, one of the biggest things that I always get asked about is X games.”

She says students are given behind-the-scene tours of where the games take place. Then, it’s time to get to work, with work days stretched anywhere from 12-14 hours, all outside in the cold.

“I would just encourage students to go out there and if an opportunity like X games is given, I would say just try it once,” she added. “You never know what the outcomes are going to be, and you never know how it’s going to help you in your future.”

Dorey said some of her students enjoyed Colorado and the program so much, they moved there after graduation.

“We bridge all of those traditional barriers of competition when we’re there because yes, we are Ferris family when we’re on-site, but we’re also part of the “X Games” family,” said Dorey.