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Business Owners in Downtown Cadillac Concerned About Drivers Speeding

Businesses along North Mitchell Street in Downtown Cadillac say that they see drivers going over the speed limit every day.

Radar speed signs are supposed to help, but business owners say they are not slowing drivers down.

“A lot of people are not doing, the 25, and they’re going way faster,” said Patricia Keck, Owner of Blue in the Face

“It’s gotten a bit out of hand,” said Kaycie Ramcey, Owner of Your Sister’s Closet.

On top of speeding, business owners are concerned about crosswalks with no stoplights.

“One of my employees she left here and she crossed at the crosswalk right in front of our store. And unfortunately, one car stopped and waved her through. And then the other car was not paying attention and actually hit her and she came off of her feet,” said Ramcey.

“I cringe every time I see anybody use the crosswalk,” said Keck

In a statement, Cadillac City Manager Marcus Peccia said, “The city of Cadillac takes all traffic violations seriously. With regard specifically to speeding, especially within primary travel corridors, police at times do conduct targeted speed enforcement in addition to enforcing the speed as it is done at any other time. The city encourages anyone witnessing an issue to contact the non-emergency number, 231-779-9211, or for an emergency dial 911.”

“I don’t really see a police presence, however. I think they could rack up quite a bit of tickets just from people, you know, buzzing through a red light,” said Ramcey.

North Mitchell Street is a state road; for any safety lights, traffic lights, or medians to be added, it would have to go through the state.