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Village Of Kalkaska Petitioning To Become City Of Kalkaska

As the industrial park continues to grow, the Village of Kalkaska is petitioning to become the City of Kalkaska.

“As the village grows, this is the next step,” said Harley Wales, Village of Kalkaska President. “We financially can be independent on our own.. that basically is what we need to prove to become an incorporated city. We feel we’re there, and this is just another step along that growing up process.”

If passed, the city would run under a general fund, according to Wales.

“Benefits would be a full tax base being assessed and the sewer funds brings accessed, all as one general fund, so that we don’t have any deficiencies in areas and can budget money accordingly,” he said.

Wales said taxes for residents will stay the same.

“There are other tax options that are available when you become a city, but that’s not really what we’re gearing up for,” he said. “We’ll keep the same tax base. There won’t be a tax increase with the transition, but what it does is just free up that money in that general fund.”

The Village Council says with the increase in the industrial park and voting ‘yes’ to the marijuana industry, it’s time to make the next step.

“We’ve had tremendous growth in the industrial park, and we voted ‘yes’ to the marijuana industry. Since then, the revenue from that tax base have pretty much doubled the moneys we had to work with,” said Wales.

The State Boundary Commission will hold a public hearing on February 24th at 2 p.m. at the Kalkaska Commission On Aging. They are encouraging people to come with any questions or concerns.