University of Michigan, Anderson Survivors Agree to $490 Million Settlement

Late Tuesday night the University of Michigan reached a settlement with the victims of former school doctor Robert Anderson.

Anderson is accused of sexually assaulting male students for forty years. Now the school will pay the victims $490 million.

It took almost two full years but Michigan has agreed to restitution to 1,050 former students claiming they were sexually assaulted by Anderson.Um Michigan

“They were unusually, they were not willing to have real constructive conversations for a period of time,” said JAmie White, an attorney for 80 of the survivors, “And for justifiable reasons.”

Legally, the school was not going to be criminally charged, the statute of limitations had run out. But this sudden deal comes days after President Mark Schlissel was fired for an inappropriate relationship.

“I think they are related. Michigan, as a result of this case, has implemented a zero tolerance policy which has been widely publicized,” Said White, “And the president got fired as a result of that.”

Interim President Mary Sue Coleman said in a statement “This agreement is a critical step among many the university has taken to improve support for survivors and more effectively prevent and address misconduct.”

Now attorneys like White are looking to the legislature to change the laws on limitations.

“Here in the state of Michigan, you have three years to present your claim to court,” said White, “If you are a 15-year-old, you have until your 19th birthday. It’s just unreasonable.”

This is becoming a very Michigan problem. This payout is very similar to the one Michigan State University paid the victims of disgraced Dr. Larry Nassar. It’s a disturbing trend that can be stopped before it happens again.

“I think the state of Michigan has to look at why did our two biggest universi

ties become the two most diabolical examples of sexual abuse in the history of the country?” said White, “When it comes to academics and sports.”