Updates on Traverse City’s Boardman River Wall Project

Updates On Traverse City's Boardman River Wall Project

Traverse City is planning a $2 million project to repair a sewer running along the Boardman River.

Plus, the Downtown Development Authority has additional expansion plans.Screen Shot 2022 01 18 At 63346 Pm

Making this a multi-million dollar project, some people have different ideas on how the money should be spent.

“This is our number one-year project.”

The city has months, if not years, of construction ahead, with the Boardman River Wall Stabilization Project.

Director of Municipal Utilities Art Krueger is at the head of replacing the sewer first installed in the 1930s.

“It’s a very big, trunk line sewer, and it happens to sit right on the footing that the wall is attached to, so it’s just literally behind the wall on the opposite side of the river, but it’s sitting on the concrete footing that’s supporting the wall,” said Krueger.

There are two parts to this: there’s the 100 block between Union Street and Cass Street, and the 200 block between Cass Street and Park Street.

“The second block, the 200 block, we’re looking to stabilize the wall, the alley, which in turn will stabilize the sewer and leave it in place,” Krueger said.

City Commissioner Mitchell Treadwell is in support of replacing the sewer and wall.

“We have opportunities to look at not just how we can protect the city that we have, but how we can build a city that is what we want to look like for future generations,” Treadwell said.

Others like Rick Buckhalter are a little more skeptical about the reasoning behind this project.

“The city is claiming this 24-inch sewer line is unstable, but the engineering reports from the engineers that they hired, say that it is stable,” Buckhalter said. “They don’t want to move it because it’s unstable, they want to move it because the DDA wants to move it up there, because they want to build a plaza.”

He’s also concerned about what will happen to the parking lot at the footbridge of the river.

“They’re rushing ahead with this project without any answer as to where they’re going to put the 84 for cars to park on here, plus the employee’s cars,” Buckhalter said.

Construction is planned for the summer.