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Safety Tips to Remember When Hitting the Ski Slopes

If you’re a beginner on the ski slopes or an advanced skiier, there are some safety tips to remember to make your time on skiing and snowboarding enjoyable.

“It’s supposed to be fun, but at the same time, you have to realize that it’s a sport,” said Lisa MacDonald, Ski Patroller at Caberfae Peaks.

The National Ski Areas Association reports during the 2020 – 2021 ski season, 48 accidents on the slopes were deadly.  Most were collisions with objects.

“You have to be smart, safe and know your limitations,” said Pete Meyer, Manager at Caberfae Peaks.

“Start, slow, start on the beginner hills. And then as you become more familiar with your equipment and the techniques and things like that, then you can enjoy a little bit more speed and a little bit more fun,” said MacDonald.

While you’re on the slopes, Caberfae Ski Patrol says always choose to wear a helmet and dress in layers.

“You can always take layers off. It’s hard once you’re in the elements to put on layers,” said MacDonald. “Use things like artificial heat, hand warmers and toe warmers.”

Not only does ski patrol respond to accidents, they also can help prevent them.

“If we see somebody skiing dangerously down the hill, we try and stop and talk to them about why it is important that they stay in control,” said MacDonald. “We’re just trying to educate them. We call it skier education. it’s not meant to get them in trouble or anything like that.”

With one goal in mind, make sure you enjoy your time on the slopes and stay safe.

“I was a teacher for 30 years and retired from that, and there’s a part of me that still enjoys really helping and teaching people. It’s pretty dear to my heart,” said MacDonald.