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Eleven Ferris State University Students, Faculty to Collaborate with X Games Aspen 2022

Promo Image: Eleven Ferris State University Students, Faculty to Collaborate with X Games Aspen 2022

A collaboration between Ferris State University and the X Games continues this year as eleven Ferris State students will travel to the Rocky Mountains to support various operational aspects of X Games Aspen 2022 Friday, Jan. 21 through Sunday, Jan. 23.

According to Ferris State University, the trip is part of a continued collaborative relationship which includes the ESPN Networks, Aspen Ski Company and Ferris’ Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality Management program.

University officials say Associate Professor Amy Dorey is the Director of the Hospitality Management Program.

Officials state that Dorey acknowledged X Games Associate Director Valerie Ryan’s first call for support from universities assured Ferris students of their roles in the elite ski and snowboard competitions, on-site concerts and other gatherings.

“Val Ryan and Amy Wiggins, with ESPN Event Development, work tirelessly to provide our students with the highest quality of educational content, enhancing this through the X Games’ incredible partnership with Aspen Ski Company leadership, particularly Brendan Collins, who serves as the on-site guest services manager for our student teams,” said Dorey.

Dorey continued, “The student program is important to X Games leadership. They believe in the value to the program’s learning opportunities and the contribution that our young, energetic professionals bring to the X Games guest experience.”

According to Dorey, with the COVID-19 pandemic, timelines for preparation they followed in previous visits shortened slightly, entering the 21st consecutive presentation of X Games Aspen at Buttermilk Ski Resort.

“We have had our first group meeting remaining on track for a dynamic opportunity by serving in roles with guest services, public relations and social media development for X Games Aspen,” said Dorey. “Six schools from six states provide students for the program, so nearly half the contingent is coming from Ferris.”

As they enter their sixth consecutive year at X Games Aspen, Dorey says hospitality management students and participants from other Ferris degree programs had distinguished themselves on each occasion.

“One student in our group is particularly excited to join Cesar Lopez, a content strategist and industry leader in social media for X Games Aspen,” stated Dorey. “All the students involved in this program experience unparalleled team development unique to the event industry while enhancing their resumes through an immersive work program.”

Dorey continued, “Whether their roles are in public relations or social media, students are direct participants in cutting-edge deliver of digital marketing, under the mentorship of industry experts.”