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457 COVID-19 Patients Admitted to State Hospitals, 61 Deaths Reported Monday

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457 patients with a positive COVID-19 status were admitted to Michigan hospitals on Monday, according to

Additionally, 61 deaths were also reported Monday.

Of the 457 patients admitted to Michigan hospitals Monday, 59% were reported to be unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.

Meanwhile, 41% of those 457 patients were reported to be fully vaccinated.

According to Frontline UPdates JIC, vaccine status is collected at the time of admission. However, they are unsure of the severity of illness in those who are hospitalized.

Furthermore, they note that it is common for unvaccinated Michiganders to experience a more severe form of the coronavirus than those who are fully vaccinated.

The ages of admitted patients on Monday can be found below:

  • Pediatric – 16
  • 18-19 – 6
  • 20-29 – 39
  • 30-39 – 31
  • 40-49 – 33
  • 50-59 – 58
  • 60-69 – 79
  • 70-79 – 104
  • 80+ – 80
  • Age Unknown: 11

As of Monday, 4,472 adult patients and 103 pediatric patients are hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Of those 4,472 adult patients, 780 are currently occupying ICU beds with COVID-19.

And of those 780 patients, 501 are currently in the ICU on ventilators with the coronavirus.

On an additional note, 7Frontline UPdates JIC states that the MDHHS sent a MIHAN Monday with updates to the Antiviral Priority Eligibility and Prescribing Requirements guidance.

Officials say the updates include updated language that changes the term “Fully Vaccinated” to “Up to Date on COVID Vaccines.”

According to Frontline UPdates JIC, this update reflects the current language being used by the CDC, and has important implications on priority eligibility.

To learn more about the coronavirus, including case numbers, deaths and vaccine totals,

To learn more about Frontline UPdates JIC,

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