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Northern Michigan E3 Raises Money to Improve Education Over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Weekend

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“This is a good opportunity for, you know, for all students to be represented within their school system, within the books that they read, within the things that they do.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.”

One way to do that—is by more diverse reading.

Marshall Collins says, as a child he read about very few characters who looked like him—a reality his own daughters are also experiencing.

He wants to see change.

“So they can feel at home and a place of belonging when they walk into our schools.”

He’s hoping Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will be the start of that change.

“You know, it shouldn’t be more than a day, more than a weekend, it should be every single day that we talk about Martin Luther King, his legacy, celebrate his life and what he brought to not only the nation, but to the world,” Collins said.

Right Brain Brewery owner Russell Springsteen was more than happy to provide a space for today’s activities.

“So I have two kids that grow up in a very predominantly white, community, and we would like for everyone to be included and welcome in this community,” Springsteen said.

They hope to raise $5,000 dollars for Traverse City Public Schools and invite everyone to come out tonight until 8 P.M.

“There’s volunteering programs today and tomorrow, throughout the weekend to the community, with different organizations as well,” Springsteen said. “So if you’ve got time to volunteer and help our community, that’d be awesome.”

will be hosting more events to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. Day throughout the rest of the week.