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Celebrating National Bagel Day at Bubbie’s Bagels in Traverse City

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“Super crispy on the outside, soft, fluffy, chewy on the inside.”

That’s what Sam Brickman describes as…the perfect bagel.

He owns bubbies bagels in Traverse City.

“We do have a sign in the front of our store that says toasting bagels is discouraged, and that is for fresh bagels…Toasting a fresh bagel hardens the inside of that really fluffy crust, kinda changes the texture,” says Brickman.

These bagels are some of the finest New York-style bagels I’ve ever tasted.

And this is the part where I take off my storyteller hat — and put on my former East Coast resident hat– to tell you that these bagels are some of the best I have ever had.

“So these have been proofing for two days in the cooler. And those will boil for about two minutes.”

The process takes a couple days to perfect.

“That’s what gives the bagels their really nice crispy outside and dense chewy interior.”

And that’s due to the sourdough starter Brickman and his staff makes.

Changing daily based on the temperature, humidity, and season.

Brickman tells me, “Growing up Jewish in suburban Detroit area, bagels were an almost every day snack for me.”

Since moving up north, Brickman longed for a taste of home —

Reminiscing about the past, he told us, “Every time my parents would come up to visit, I’d have them bring me a dozen bagels from our local shop down state.”

But, it wasn’t enough. Noticing there wasn’t a real homemade bagel shop up here.

“Our everything seasoning in a bucket here. And we’ll take them all and throw them top-side down.”

Inspiring him to open his own shop in 2020.

“And then we put them seed-side down onto the boards.”

But the need for these

Crispy — puffy — wonderfully chewy bagels

Weren’t the only thing that influenced this business decision.

He explains, “Bubbie is the yiddish term for grandmother and that’s what we called my grandma growing up. Some of the recipes here are hers and just kind of the inspiration behind all the food.”

Doing everything the long way, from scratch. Just the way his Bubbie made them.

“These guys have been on the boards for four minutes now, so what we’re going to do is flip them off. So these bottoms are nice and dry now. So those will go for another 16 minutes.”

 And that’s how the perfect bagel is made.

Oh — and with a hefty spread of house-made cream cheese.

I can tell ya, he’s got a regular customer over here!