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Cadillac Ice Fishing Tournament to Benefit Veterans Serving Veterans Park

Two young anglers in Cadillac are doing what they love and helping the community at the same time.

Sixteen-year-old Matthew Miehlke and Jared Liptak are hosting an ice fishing tournament to raise money for the Veterans Serving Veterans Park in Cadillac.

The two are expecting around 30 people to join and compete for a $50 gift card to Pilgrims Village Resort and Fishing Shop.

On Saturday fisherman can head to Kenwood Beach to register for the tournament. The tournament will be held on Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell.

“We have three categories: Pike, walleye and panfish,” Miehlke said. “Pike and walleye is setup so they enter one fish and it’s by weight. The panfish, it’s a bag with five fish in it, and we weigh those five.”

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