New Year, New Goals…But What Do We Know About Gut Health?

It’s the new year, and that means we can start off the year on the right foot!

A lot of people usually make new year’s resolutions, and the most popular resolution or intention usually seems to circle around health and fitness.

But with diet and fitness, you have to understand how your body reacts to foods and certain exercises. And the question about gut health pops up, what is it and what’s a leaky gut? Screen Shot 2022 01 13 At 43719 Pm

Registered dietician, Carol Bell, at Table Health in Traverse City helps us out with this. Taking care of our health is important, and if you’re experiencing uncomfortable bloating or having trouble using the restroom – it’s most likely your gut. Your gut is your body’s entire gastrointestinal tract, so it revolves around how your body digests food and absorbs essential nutrients.

Many people have food sensitivities and allergies, that can impact your gut health. Paying attention to what you choose to put in your body, such as processed foods, excessive salts, sugars and fats. Pesticides, medications and even chronic stress can affect the gut. For more information on gut health and what to look for, CLICK HERE.

Table Health offers online classes on making the right meals for your body, and reclaiming your health. To check out what they offer, visit the link HERE.

To make the spaghetti squash breakfast bowl in the video above, CLICK HERE.

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