Hook & Hunting: Ice on Pere Marquette Lake

A tug and its barge will be making its way across Pere Marquette Lake in Ludington Friday, and the Mason County Sheriff wants to get the word out to local anglers.

From time to time throughout the winter months there is some water traffic across the lake. On Friday, the barge, Spartan II, and its tugboat will be leaving OxyChem in Ludington.

The boats will be breaking up new ice as they make their way to Lake Michigan.

“The ice will be cracking obviously when they leave,” Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole said. “The colder it is, the more solid the ice is. What that will do is that will create fractures in the ice that will travel a great distance. They don’t necessarily need to be out of the water, but we would like them to be fifty yards away from where the barge will be pushed out through.”

Sheriff Cole also says to make sure ice shanties are moved to a safe location and safely secured.

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