Harbor Springs Schools Asks Voters to Pass $41.85 Million Bond Proposal for Upgrades

The Harbor Springs school board is asking voters to approve a $41.85 million bond proposal this May that would let them get started on improving their high school, middle school and elementary schools.

“Like anything, when a house is 20 years old, you’re looking at certain infrastructure systems, HVAC, electrical, plumbing,” said Michael Behrmann, Harbor Springs Schools superintendent. “Upgrades are needed and we’ve been chipping away at those over the years with our sinking fund.”Harbor Springs Schools

If passed the bond proposal would allow the schools to combine their Blackbird Elementary and Shay Elementary school, bringing all of their students in the same building.

“By building a new elementary school we can fit all of our elementary students under one roof and that would really help in terms of consolidating district resources and in the long run help the district run more efficiently,” said Behrmann.

Harbor Springs Schools InsideNot only would the bond proposal be a big help for the district, according to School Board President Tim Davis, the taxpayers would benefit as well.

“When we looked at the possibility of doing this bond, we realized we would be able to go garner this money and not have to raise taxes,” he said. “In fact, we’re lowering taxes to do this particular bond.”

If voters vote no, it’s unlikely a similar bond proposal would be offered.

“The opportunity that we’re having right now we will not have in the future,” Davis said. “If we ever have to go for a bond in lets say five or ten years and we determine that we do need to have an upgrade to Shay and just cannot make that building operational anymore, we’ll have to raise taxes at that time.”

The district has polled the community and believes it’s likely the proposal will pass on May 3.