Cadillac Area Public Schools Seeking Developers for Cooley School Property

Cooley Front Entrance N SideCadillac Area Public Schools is seeking out developers to redevelop the property at the former Cooley School.

According to CAPS, the three-acre property at 221 Granite Street in Cadillac is within a 10-minute walk of a large grocery store, library, farmer’s market, downtown Cadillac with its restaurants and retail shops and the White Pine Trail. The site is zoned for residential redevelopment and is connected to the City of Cadillac’s water and sewer systems.

At a recent public forum held to collect public input on preferred uses for the school property, residents preferred residential development. According to CAPS, housing studies have shown a significant need for housing, especially rental housing, in the Cadillac area.

The school board is expected to select a developer in April.

More information on state and local tax incentives or grants being offered to prospective developers can be found here.