Sault Ste. Marie Sees Low Number of Canadians Despite Land Borders Remaining Open

There was a lot of excitement when the U.S. reopened it’s land borders with Canada in November. However, things aren’t exactly going as expected, with not many Canadians coming to visit.

During the winter months, the city’s economy gets a big boost when our neighbors to the north come for shopping and dining, so much so that some businesses only carry certain products specifically for Canadian visitors.

It’s the belief of many that the hassle of COVID testing when arriving and departing from the U.S. and the rise of the Omicron variant has played a big part in the lack of travel back and forth.

“We sold over $203,000 worth of chamber bucks in our area so that was a great boost for our local economy but as far as the Canadians go we would love to have them in full force over here but we understand that everybody has to take precautions and take the COVID situation seriously,” said Tony Haller, executive director of the Sault Chamber of Commerce.

With the I-500 race coming up next month, they aren’t expecting as many Canadians this year, but are still expecting a big crowd coming from downstate.