Cadillac Footliters Presents “Clue”

Pretty much everyone has played “Clue”. If you haven’t, it’s a fun, classic board game filled with twists and turns with the toss of a die. Each player takes on the persona of flamboyant, butClue 1 suspicious characters: Miss Scarlet, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and Mrs. Peacock. The goal of the game? To find out which character committed the crime, which room the crime was committed in, and what weapon was used for the horrible murder of Mr. Boddy.

Over the years, there have been many adaptations of the game “Clue” – including a 1985 motion picture film featuring Tim Curry and Christopher Lloyd. Now, the Cadillac Footliters are taking the infamous board game to the stage, and they need your help to find out ‘whodunnit?’.

The wonderfully talented cast is filled with veteran actors, as well as, newcomers to the Cadillac Footliters’ theatre troupe.

CLUE – All shows at the Cadillac High School Auditorium ($10 – $12 per Ticket)

January 14 — Friday –7:00 PM

January 15 — Saturday — 7:00 PM

January 21 — Friday — 7:00 PM

January 22 — Saturday — 2:00 PM

January 22 — Saturday — 7:00 PM

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