MSP: Roscommon Man Arrested For Carrying Concealed Weapon After Crashing Truck

A Roscommon man has been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon after crashing his truck in Denton Township, according to Michigan State Police.

On Friday around 5:43 a.m., troopers from the MSP Houghton Lake Post were called to a crash on M-55 near Oakdale Drive in Denton Township.

When they arrived, troopers found a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado had hit a powerline pole.

They say the truck was unoccupied, but they noticed a man across the street standing in a parking lot of a gas station.

According to troopers, the man was identified as Robert Emery, 35, of Roscommon. Emery denied driving the truck, but witnesses say he had been driving the truck when it crashed.

Troopers state that Emery showed signs of intoxication and a pat-down was performed before sobriety tests being administered.

Emery had a pocket knife in his pant pocket, and also had double-edged, fixed blade knife in his backpack.

Troopers say a sobriety test was administered, and Emery was arrested.

Emery was arraigned Monday in the 82nd District Court in Roscommon County for one count carrying a concealed weapon.

Emery is due back in court in late Jan.