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Grant Me Hope: John

is a happy young man who delights most in play. “I like to play outside and ride my bike,” he says. “I like to play and be with other children.” When he’s inside, chances are pretty good that you’ll find John playing video games. Fishing, playing board games and shooting hoops are just a few of John’s favorite pastimes. John takes particular pleasure in celebrating the holidays. “At Christmas time, I like to ride around and look at the Christmas lights,” he says. When he’s asked about a future forever family, John says he hopes for one who lives in the city, and he prefers one who has pets, especially dogs.

According to an adult close to him, “John adjusts to new things quickly and appropriately. He has many friends and gets along well with all of them. He does well socially when he gets familiar with others.”

John would do best with one or two parents who are trauma-informed. John’s new forever family must be fierce advocates for the services that will help him. John also would do best as the only child in his new family. It is important that a forever family for John will encourage and support a continued relationship with his siblings.

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