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Ferris State University Adding Three More Degree Programs

Ferris State University is adding three more program options for current and future students starting in the fall.

“Taking a look at Michigan as one of the highest states with people moving from Michigan, this gives us an opportunity to attract people to the beautiful State of Michigan, especially to west Michigan,” said Bobby Fleischman, Provost at FSU.

The University plans to offer two more associate degree programs, one in Community Information Technology and another in Community Leadership.

They will also be offering a new masters program in Data Science and Analytics.

“Speaking with employers in West Michigan and beyond, there is a big need for graduates with these skills and competencies,” said Fleischman. “It gives us an opportunity to attract students not only from within Michigan, but also gives us an opportunity to bring students to Ferris.”

Classes will be offered in-person and virtually. The two science programs will also utilize the new $30 million Center for Virtual Learning.

“Senior leadership in organizations like Spectrum, Priority Health, one of the things that they keep on asking us for is, ‘Do you have data science people? Do you have graduates with data science data analytics?’ We can’t find enough hires to employee,” said Fleischman.

FSU says their new programs have a specific goal for students.

“Make then more employable,” they said. “That is our goal. Going back to our Founders, our goal is to add value to the community and to have every degree program tied into employment and have a purpose for gaining employment for our graduates.”