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Hook and Hunting: Northern Michigan Ice Fishing

The lakes are starting to freeze over, and that means ice fishing season.

Lyman’s By The Lake in Houghton Lake says that they’ve had increased fishing gear sales over the past week.

They urge people to use caution when out on the ice because no ice is safe ice.

Cleats and spikes can be purchased to avoid any accidents on the ice.

It’s also a good idea to bring a source of heat and bundle up.

“You’re always going to have pressure cracks that open up on the lake, and those are the weak points in the ice, and you never want to cross those unless you have to,” said Alex Tooker of Lyman’s On The Lake. “Always gotta be careful and expect to fall through. Always looks straight up and find the light coming through the ice and swim to that hole if you do go through.”

If you’re ready to get on the ice, it’s going to be a cold weekend in northern Michigan, perfect conditions for ice fishing.